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XV Spare Wheel?


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In Canada and Australia, they get a spare wheel as standard and here in the¬†UK, we can not even purchase it as a add-on! ūüėě

I been looking at getting a spare tyre and used this web site as a guide 'https://www.tyremen.co.uk/space-saver-wheel-and-tyre-kit' and then looked on eBay and a lot of the tryes are from 2004 for about £40 (rubber to old) and decent ones are about £100.

Looking to go to Scotland in February and worried that I might get a nail through the side wall and having to wait for hours for (Subaru) RAC to turn up!

Anyone got any recommendations? (Was thinking of buying a steel wheel and tyre separately but unsure on dimensions.)


Lad at work got a wood punch nail through his tyre & alloy - took RAC just over 2 hours to come out and drove him to a garage with the RAC spare tyre on.  Would rather spend max 30 minutes putting space saver wheel on and then driving to local garage myself.

Also just bought Tyre Puncture Repair Kit (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MX6XKFW/) to use rather the Gel stuff and they are not guaranteed. https://youtu.be/H5DWhIF1c0M/


Another post about this is here:


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As you may have now realised finding a space saver for a Subaru is not easy from the recognised tyre/wheel websites.

Subaru will sell you one as a whole kit close to 400 notes. This includes a new floor mat and other parts for your boot as the new spare will raise then floor of your boot. The reason for all the hassle, cost and buggerance factor is because we have bought a Subaru!!

If your space saver rolling circumference is different (usually smaller) than the wheel/tyre on the other side of the car then (because of the AWD) your differerential will be put under a lot more stress and occasionally by the time you have driven to the garage then your diff.  may be knackered.  

The up shot is, if you buy a cheap space saver and it is not very close to exact size of your circumference of the other wheel then be warned.....

Maybe you just need to get a full size wheel kit from a dealer(£400ish) and lose some boot space, rely on Green Flag, use the repair kit or trust in God. 

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