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Guys, after emailing every custom exhaust company in Cornwall and Devon I think I have a way forward. 

I was however wondering if anyone can recommended brands of custom made exhausts (parts) which they have a good knowledge of.

I ask this as I know what I'm going to make now, however, I have read loads of threads on here and several different brands have been mentioned.

I have the unequal headers sorted, however can anyone recommend a decent high flow cat brand?

I have seen Magnaflow high flow cats at a very decent price (200 CPI). Milltek don't seem to have a high flow cat which isn't build into a down pipe so sadly is a no go. Should I be considering any other brands?  

Secondly can anyone recommended a decent back box, as ATM I have a prodrive on it. I'm going for offensive noise if I'm honest so any thoughts again would be greatly received, I'm going to do a full write up soon as its fitted which will hopefully aid people in the future attempting the R-Sport unequal header pathway.



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Hi mate why dont you have a look at the ninja backboxs i think they are quite loud. On sportscat why dont you want it in the downpipe? Think prodrive do a secondary sports cat but wouldnt be cheap no doubt unless you find one at a breakers used

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I like my blitz nur spec, fairly offensive with a decat pipe fitted too

Loud pipes save lives

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