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To Lift or Not to Lift that is the question ?

Ned Kelly

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I'd like to ask the greater XV audience.
To Lift or Not to Lift ?
I've been told that if I do Lift my XV that I Void my Warrantee and I Void my Maintenance Plan.

Are there issues as I cant find a Subaru approved Lift Kit. And I can find the LP Adventures Lift Kit ex USA and the ADF Lift Kit ex Australia.

I would love to hear your responses and the debate both Pro's and Con's Please.

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How long has the warranty left to run?

Dependent on how high a lift can put additional strain on bearings / cv joints due to the angles involved but the suppliers should have taken that into consideration during design 

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Hi Jay762
I've got months on the 'warrantee' but another year (roughly) on my Maintenance Plan.
I note that the maximum lift I can go on an XV (pre 2018) is 1.5 inches (something to do with the suspension geometry) which does not require different alignment / cast and camber etc, although I've seen a LP Adventures lift (on Youtube) which then provides different parameters to load into the alignment rig for a (I think it was) 2" lift. (which perhaps is a bit extreme.
I'm happy to go the minimum (1.5 Inches) so not as to mess with the suspension geometry or setup. 
I understand the (supplier) LP Adventure lift kit specifically takes those things into consideration in their lift kit.

Then perhaps I'd like to do 'Method' Road Wheels/rims and 215/65 R 16 's, I think it is, sometime in the future.

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