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New here , possibly purchasing a blobeye wrx


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I've been thinking for a while now about owning a impreza I just keep getting that itch to get one so I I'll start with a wrx and see how I get on any recommendations on what model or year to buy ? I might do a bit of tuning on one any advice would be appreciated thanks 

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How big is your wallet?

Prepare for HG failure. Not all but most, 2.5 are a lot worse for this. £2-5k fix. If you research this, it will put you off (pretty much the same with any modded car). Can be difficult to diagnose.

5 speed weak compared to 6 speed STI gearbox. Just don't hammer it and expect it to handle loads more power.

Other than that they are simple to work on and just need looking after and it will give you many smiles per mile.

Road tax expensive, MPG poor expect mid 20s mpg depending on type of journey. Full tank >£60 on my Hawkeye wrx can be anywhere between just over 200 miles to 300 miles depending on right foot. Motorway runs at 70-80ish prob return me 28 at best.

Not the best in braking department for a car capable of this performance (my first mod). Noise (whiney) drivetrain, noisier than normal cars.

PPP pack nice to get more BHP but needs certificate. Prodrive Performance pack. If modded need proof of map important. Cannot add performance mods safely without a map. Check everything. If it has been looked after you will tell from owner if private, they should have all documentation.

Plenty of First time buyer threads  in forums.

Good luck.


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Thank you for the reply , I'd be looking for a blobeye as I've heard the 2.5 litre engines arnt as reliable as the 2 litre units , however I've read that most people think it's better to pay more money and buy a sti over a wrx as you get alot more for your money and itll cost less in the long run modification wise , it's only going to be a weekend toy so it's never going to be daily driven , just something I can mess around in every now and then, I just want a well looked after Impreza looking at prices I need to budget 12k for a decent sti blobeye and 5k for a good blob wrx, I'm just not sure weather to go for a wrx and lightly modify or just take the plunge and get the sti I've never driven a impreza so I'm not sure what to expect 

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If it is a weekend warrior then go for the STI. You will never make a WRX into an STI without spending more money. The 6 speed box is indestructible compared to the WRX 5 speed. Go look at pictures of the gearboxes the 6 speed is huge in comparison. If you find a well looked after one and you also look after it they are fine.

You will find horror stories about any car if look hard enough, especially cars that have a large modding background and idiots without any mechanical sympathy pushing big numbers without supporting upgrades. 

Pokers with seal bearings failing and destroying engine £8k+, Bmw M3 E92 where not great and the V10 M5 was terrible and would self destruct. How many of these stories are also made up by the aftermarket marketing so they can sell you their upgraded shiny new bits. Go look at american websites that advertise their deals on Subaru Head gaskets, all stating how they all fail blah blah, how gullible can one be.

(jez another year older and perhaps a tiny bit grumpier (or is that mistaken for wiser, hmm))

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