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Cost for a new clutch and fitting?


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Hey man ive had a search for you if you go to the website in the pic you will see they say you either need your flywheel skimmed or replaced at the same time. You would need to obviously factor in labour aswell possibly talking about £800+. Bear in mind there are other options out there this pic is just an example could try import car parts or other scooby parts specialists too


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Thank you for your reply.

Will the engine need to come out or can it be done without taking it out?

I have been told it needs to come out by 1 person and another said it doesn’t.


Really appreciate the help mate

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I dont think it needs to come out but ive heard its easier with the engine out. Im not certain to be honest guess it depends who does the work. Why dont you contact a few subaru specialists and ask for quotes remember too alot of guys dont like fitting parts that you supply, im just trying to give you a ball park figure 👍 My car had clutch done not long before I bought it, its one of the few problems I dont have with mine 🤣😂

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Exedy blue box is standard in most turbo imprezas , generally good for high 300 hp .

Engine out or box out , is down to personal preference.  As subaru engines are designed to be removed fairly easily/quickly and it sometimes makes sense if you need to do rocker cover gaskets, cambelt  ect too .

If you got to a proper place with a lift and transmission jack box would be eaiser , if the front balljoint/hub assemblies come apart easily. 

Couldn't tell you a cost on fitting , as I've not paid to have one done but would at least fit a new rear crank oil seal and spigot bearing (while clutch is off ) about £40 and a hrs labour .

If box is removed , gearbox oil ,downpipe gaskets ,front driveshaft oil seals and new prop shaft seals .

If engine is removed downpipe gaskets and coolant .

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Just had mine done - Exedy pink box and standard flywheel, billet oil separator & Piston Pin cover replacement (Fuji Racing) plus gearbox shaft & crank seals replaced which I supplied myself - they dropped the gearbox to do mine. £350 for labour and road test

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