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Wet boot


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I had that when my carpet / boot liner never dried. it could be your boot seal or the drain. mine was a tube behind the side panels rear of boot.

Get someone to hose the boot and roof whilst you are inside with torch -- see if you can see where it is coming in? earlier models had issues with rear light seals as well if I recall

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As above , boot seals ,rear lights and rear lower boot vents are the usual culprits. 

Removing the carpet / boot trims and dry everything out . Then line the area that the leak seems to be in with paper towels /kitchen roll and use a hose at the lower parts 1st (round lights , lower boot edges ).

Check paper ,if nothing try higher up around the boot seal , then around the spoiler fixings to try and locate the leak .

The boot lids are not insulated,  so you will get minor condensation if it's cold outside and heating on inside but the moisture already in the boot will add to that 


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