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Hi all new to the forum bought a Hawkeye wagon couple weeks ago look forward to learning more about these vehicles iv always wanted one as a daily as my other daily has too much fuel consumption compared to this cant wait to upgrade a few parts on the vehicle. If anyone could post up some advice on what would be beneficial upgrades for my car please let me know thanks. 



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Welcome, i'd make sure you have a nice buffer to cover the cost of an engine rebuild if needed. 

Make sure your run it on 99ron, either Shell or tesco 99.

Keep up with servicing, regular oil changes are a must, every 3-5k depending on how you drive it.

Check oil level at least once a week.

If a check engine light comes on  or somethings not right with how it's running, don't try to drive through it, drive it off boost and low revs and get it checked out. 

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Welcome dude 🎉👻

First mods are always personal preference, I would recommend you start with the essentials, fluids and filters, wipers, bulbs, Battery check etc Not worth putting money into a car that can’t go from A to B.

As for mods I start with Wheels and tyres first, then a freer flowing exhaust, then suspension.

The stock intake and intercooler are good for 400 horses, give or take, if you want the wooshy turbo noises Iv had nothing but good experience with HKS mushroom intakes, just make sure it’s a genuine one as the fakes can cost you a new turbo as the foam breaks apart and gets eaten (personal experience 💀) I have a HKS mushroom on both my cars, both are fitted the easiest way too, got a friend to 3D print me a MAF adapter, then just used a silicone coupler to attach the filer straight to it.

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