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4 pot brake pads


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Hi, is anyone able to direct me to a set of front pads for my JDM SF5 STi S/tb?

Im working 12 hour shifts now until the weekend and have an MOT booked for monday along with some other outstanding work, but I can't face any delay as I have a very important appointment on xmas eve. The UK specs don't list the correct brake pads for my year, so theres a risk they'll order the wrong ones...


Sorry for the waffle, but I need a link to the correct pads from eurocarparts for the subaru 4 pots for a 2000 plate so I can pick them up on the way in.


Many thanks if you can help.

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Import car parts have the pads you are looking for, i've just had a look but they only have their own part number for them and not a Subaru number, if you phone them and speak to luke he may be able to get them shipped out to you for the weekend 

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2 hours ago, chn68b said:

Cheers, but I need to guarantee that I can get them, any xmas delays and I'm buggered. 


I've found some pagids on there, just need someone to confirm they're right

Product no 101702448

Give them a bell. Bit I suspect they will be right. The 4 pots are the same across the range pretty much.

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Pagid being part of TMD friction have a good aftermarket online catalogue with detailed diagrams of pads, you will be able to find yours whatever Subaru or country they came from originally (if they arn't Uk spec Forester OE brake calipers/discs), i have used the TMD online catalogue before to compare and confirm i'm ordering the right pads by comparing the diagrams and dimensions with the pads already fitted.


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