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Impreza GR Hatchback 2.5 WRX 2008 White Smoke

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Hi all

I have entered back to the world of imprezas after owning a classic a while back.

I have picked up a Impreza GR Hatchback 2.5 WRX 2008 with 118,000 miles. Car runs really well and pulls well etc etc.

Only thing i have noticed is that is it quite smokey (white smoke) on idle cold and engine warm.

Once warm and on the road whilst driving it doesn't smoke.

Now the obvious is head gasket but why would it only do it on idle? and I have heard that these aren't that prone to head gasket issues.

I have also heard that another possible is turbo seals letting small amount of water in?? I am loosing very small amount of water amount of my coolant tank each week. approx 50-100miles.

Has anyone experienced this on this engine and what was the cause/issue?

Thanks in Advance


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The expansion tank I am talking about is to the right of the radiator - It fills when the pressure lifts the valve in the cap, pressure from teh cylinders due to a leaking head gasket can pressurise the cooling system causing the valve to lift

here is a vid demonstrating a sniff test



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