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MY97 Mods

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Hi I recently bought an my97 turbo 2000 and from what I understand is that these aren't mappable without installing esl?

I was looking at changing the exhaust as the current one doesn't look in great condition. And was thinking of fitting an afterburner vortex 


And afterburner sports cat



Can these be fitted without remapping the car or will I need to have the esl board fitted before hand?




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On my 97 uk turbo I ran cobra sports cat and v3/v4 sti tmic for around 4k miles without mapping.  As at the time the 97 esl wasn't quite ready for use .

With both those fitted and once I eventually got the esl fitted n mapped  , it brought the power up from 215 hp to 265 hp and a big improvement in throttle response. 

If you want to be on the safe side you could always go to a local dyno and get a health check done ,once you've fitted the sports cat turbo back .

There's a few pics of the route I took with my my 97 uk, in my build thread on here that might help ....

Just be careful modding scoobies is a slippery slope and all that remains of my original scooby 10 years on is boot spoiler , a couple of doors and interior plastics 🤐🙄😂😂

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25 minutes ago, LewisMY97 said:

Where did you get your esl board fitted and mapped? As I suppose I may aswell get that done first 

Contact ESL directly for the board, either get them to fit it or do it yourself


Try TDR @Warwick for the map

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4 hours ago, savage bulldogs said:



3 minutes ago, savage bulldogs said:

I had a "so called " mapper fit mine into a spare ecu , then fit that into my car on the day .

no problem with the esl, just wouldn't want to recommend the mapper but that's another story 

Yeah this is what I've seen everywhere 50% of people recommend someone then the other 50% say they are terrible. I've only ever used Northampton motorsport to map my Beetle and they were really good.

Do you know if the car/ecu loses memory if I was to send the ecu to esl to fit?

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As a rule of thumb ECU's (at a worst case scenario) will only loose what they've "learned" from the grade fuel you use , any mods and driving style , when left without power .

Stock and aftermarket ECU base  maps are stored as a "hard copy" and will stay on the ECU indefinitely (even without a power source), unless the ecu memory is damaged 

I imagine that esl would preload a base map to the chip to suit your version (cams, injector and turbo size) but that's only a guess.  So contacting andy Stevens or esl to check would probably be a better option,  just to be sure .


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19 hours ago, LewisMY97 said:

Do you think it is wise to map an engine with 127k miles on it? I know it depends on how well its been looked after but I'm not sure on its history there isn't much evidence that came with the car

You dont have to map a car to put all its components under maximum stress, you map a car to get the components fitted matched to each other. You should discuss your requirements with your tuner and tell them what you want. For example, I am running stock internals on my daily but it has had bolt on parts which increase flow and boost generated from the turbo. I know the oem internals are probably hit and miss at about 370bhp so I asked him not to go above 350bhp. The result was 345bhp at the crank but with more to come as it was really free flowing.

I have an upgrade path where I can replace the internals with forged items and start to generate more power if I want but at this point it is a sympathetic tune based upon the components used

As a consequence I get efficient combustion and with no cats fitted can register under the emissions requirements 

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