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Fuel question - GB270


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Just a quick one, really - making sure I'm doing the right thing (Or not, I'll hopefully soon find out).

Recently bought myself a GB270, so a Hawkeye WRX with a PPP and a few extras, car is completely stock as far as I can tell on the stock power (270ish BHP)

My question is what should I be fuelling this with, I've always been under the impression I'd need super unleaded and have done so with Tesco Momentum, only whilst filling up today I've noticed the fuel cap specifically states Regular Fuel only and not to use anything higher...

So... what should I actually be using and would it harm me to continue using 98/99RON fuel or drop down to 95 Regular?

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9 hours ago, Robtama said:

That’s odd as my 98 wagon says 98ron on my filler flap 

according to subaru you can change oil at 20k miles and the 2.5 is perfectly fine and doesnt have any faults,,,,

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