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Rear ARB vs Coilovers

Dr. Acula

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Rear ARB for me it depends on thickness you want as all brands might not have options but I would have no issue with whiteline if available

Coilovers - Money no option I would be talking about Nitron fully adjustable with remote gas reservoir - Talk to RCM as sole UK supplier

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"Money no object" was a figure of speech.  My point is if I go with rear ARB whiteline(22mm) + uprated holders + endlinks I'll be around  £350.

If I go BC coilovers I'm looking to £850.

Does the £500 extra for the coilovers worth it as a first upgrade ?

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Changing arb's affects the balance of the car, in stock form they are pretty understeery, stiffen the rear arm and you dial some of that out so def worth doing that, but your only transferring the flex to the drop links, so I'd advise uprating the drop links.

It's then a case of how far or more to the point how much do you want to spend?

Anti lift kit, arbs, drop links, other bushes, coilovets etc is pretty much the full shebang.

Personally I don't rate bc coilovers at all, seen to many people moaning about them. Last car I went in with them they were pretty harsh ride, however different spring rates will affect that and products do decline over time so the newest ones could be a much better setup.

Whiteline stuff is good, but I find it starts looking a bit tatty pretty quickly, although it doesn't affect how they perform and other than the looks isn't anything to worry about.

I've got tein flex z coilovers, perrin rear roll bar, perrin drop links and have to say I've been mega impressed with the setup. It's firm but not crashy or too harsh a ride for normal road use.

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Ahhh I see - Tein option seems to get really good feedback at the moment, lots of people fitting their product. I have Cusco myself and they are also very good. The whiteline stuff can suffer from a looks perspective, I had some bracing bars powder coated to avoid that for a bit longer and match the Perrin ARB's already fitted.

Whiteline currently have an offer on so present very good value 

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Whiteline has 25% off. I'm also close looking at Tein, but nothing yet.

Now I have another ideea. My rear stock ARB are 18mm. What if I drill (enough room) another hole closer inside the ARB for a stiffer response more like the adjustable stiffness and go for an upgraded drop links? Save a buck and increase stiffness. 

Anybody tryed that?

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