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Kevlar Belts...


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Hi all im new to the page as i have just brought my first impreza (WRX STI ppp Widetrack), its been a long time coming and I am finally living the albeit yet modest dream of owning one.

i wanted to know if anyone has used kevlar belts and if they are worth the extra monies and effort than just a standard belt. As my car is coming up for the five year renewal of the belt i wanted to know if its a good idea to just spend more and get the kevlar one.


Cheers Morgan.

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replaced at proper time intervals its very rare the standard ones fail. I've always used standard belts on all my scoobs, tuned or stock.

one thing to be aware of is you'll need to replace the tensioner and guides, full kit is around £150 ish + fitting cost of course

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Yer that's what I thought I was looking a full kits for both standard belts and Kevlar, and I'll definitely be doing the water pump and tensioners at the same time...  Cheers. 

Oh and some pic with that.






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For road use lightly tuned it really not a must.
What is a must is good service/maintenance effort mixed with top quality manufacturer parts and that means original japan sourced oe/oem parts for lot of critical timing belt parts.
original water pumps are very high quality (Subaru made their own water pumps in house FHI for decades for a reason), you want oem or rcm, I use Aisin pumps too but only on non turbo road cars .
Subaru oem Mitsuboshi belts are high quality and very rare see a problem that purely a belt fault as it normally other parts/poor fitting/poor maintenance root cause .
The STi aramid strengthened belt is one I would use when application warrants going aramid .
I not biggest fan of Gates .

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