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Alarm/locking system.


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Guys and girls, can anyone help with the following?

02:00 this morning the alarm went off for no apparent reason. I used the key to reset the alarm but noticed it wouldn't unlock the door. The immobiliser light was registering the key being pressed but the car remained locked.

Tried to get into the car before work this morning to find both keys would not unlock the car, and there was not reaction from the immobiliser light. I'm effectively locked out!

Anyone have any ideas or experienced the same?

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Well hopefully I know you will be mad but it's just the Battery so you can live the dream and not have an electrical fault and be a nightmare. 

I was like that but with Evo's :ph34r: 

Had one for about 3 half months borrowed it thankfully. Looked at subaru while I was looking at cars and never looked back ;)  

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i have my turbo timer on the voltage screen at all times so i can monitor the state of charge, i did once have a brand new Battery go flat over 24 hours, turned out to be the new amp i fitted, the remote wire for the amp was earthing on the bulkhead when the Stereo was pushed into it's cage, this left the amp on over night and caused a drain, just a possibility, if your alarm is the sigma unit there is a thread on the forum with the details of how to input codes for various things

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