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Hi im matt, on my 4th classic impreza down to pure love !


Had 2 saloons, then 2 wagons , Currently have a V plate facelift Wagon which im building into my own little weekend track !Removed! / ode to my addiction to classics till I can get a p1 or type R in few years when I build my extension to my house lol


Also looking at replacing my wifes 59 plate astra with a Hawk WRX in the new year


Im based Nr. Peterborough

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I agree if it was for me but I spend my daysin a Octavia derv !! Only been out in y wagon 3 times since jae early sept

She potters around with our little boy . Seen a few low mileage wrx on a 07 plate for about 5-5500 . As a sti hawk is 2k more , if I went sti route I would want to go forged 2.5 lump and serious power , then wagon would be used less so is some sense in both options just depends what's about when I hit that buy button

Anyway cheers for welcome guys hope to see some f you at shows etc

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