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Recomend Keith Michaels Insurance


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tried them when i first got mine, i got ignored numerous times via the phone when i was told i'd get a call back, i wrote them an email and i got a short response saying "at this time we have to refuse to insure you" so went elsewhere, don't get me wrong though they are popular on other subie forums so might just have been my bad luck lol

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I'm with them and have both our vehicles insured.


My Forester was almost £100 cheaper then with Adrian Flux even with the club discount :o


My contact person is Jason Robery, best to email him; jrobery@keithmichaels.co.uk



I have no business with them; I'm just a satisfied customer.

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Thats fine mate thats what it's all about share the info thats what I say I do find with insurance it's pot luck sometimes but having a list to go from with Adrian Keith Greenlight it gives people chance to ring round and get quotes. I didn't find Adrian to bad was about £15 less than I pay now with the NFU. But Greenlight gave me the best quote was nearly £60 cheaper, but I'm close to the NFU office I can walk in and I've been with them for years. 

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