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front o2 sensor

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Can someone point me in the right direction as where to find this ? Had a poke around under car can't see it. Do i have to remove any heat sheilds ? Gonna start by inspecting it re setting ecu before i change it chepest options 1s


Picture would be nice too.

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Sort of ish !

I'm at work so only had chance to drop the undertray and shine a torch round on my 'dinner break' so what we're saying is that it goes into the front of the 1st cat ?

I know the cats are dead so i doubt i'll do any more damage to it.i'll see how it goes just been quoted 160 bits for a new one

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possibly - its not too clear from the diagram but it would need to take a pick up from both sides of the engine outputs so at the manifold intersection or close by unfortunately for this model I am guessing, sorry

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No worries thanks for the info it's a start, i'm guessing the no1 is the 'upstream' sensor.

Just seems strange that its only started playing up after the mot. I'll get it up on a ramp and have a look a bit more when i have the time


I would make that assumption as well but they are different part numbers on the website



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Rigt just tried the classic ecu reset procedure.

Plugged leads in depressed acc and then let out half way released after a couple seconds.

Check engine light never stayed on and after about 30 seconds driving just gave a continious short on off blink.

I take it this is reset ?

Got home plugged in and ut just does the contious on off quick blink. Does ghis mean it's clear as the page i was reading states conflicting info

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Trouble is he went of the vin number. Dont know weather it's due to being a gl model on some data bases.

Anyway after much deliberation are we saying this is number one o2 and the smallee one behind cat number 2 is no 2 ?

I have a cat in the down pipe and one in the mid section. Sounds right ?

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Yes bud that's where the o2 sensor is on my 97 classic ;-) the early ones were in the headers but, were moved to the downpipe(after the turbo) due to some failing and sending debris into the turbo .id check the wires/plug before you buy another sensor as their prone to cracking the insulation .

Also might be worth disconnecting the Battery earth for 10 mins after clearing the ecu codes , as some codes can be still stored on the ecu (even though youve done a ecu reset)

Just saw your post on the egt sensor I haven't seen one on mine but , I was told that the wiring on my 6 speed was for a newage egt and that sat near the mid section of the exhaust .

Hope that helps ,Best of luck bud

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