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UK guy returning home, my journey from a 600hp WRX to a modded Forester and beyond...


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Hey all,


I am a Gloucester lad born and raised, moved to Canada about 6 years ago and have fallen in love with the Subaru brand. I am onto my second now and will be heading back to England in the next few months as my family situation has changed.


My plan is to get into a legacy spec b, I have had a slammed "stanced" fast car but I crave something a little more luxury for the UK roadtrips. I have met some fantastic people while in north america and been part of some crazy shows. I am hoping the adventures continue when I get home!


Here is the WRX.....







For those interested here is the full build spec 



2009 WRX Premium (CDN)





MPS 2.5 Long Rod Shortblock 8500rpm


New EJ257 Semi Closed Deck Case

STi Crankshaft

ACL Race Bearings

MPS Saenz Super Strong +2mm Rods 

Custom JE Pistons

Full Blueprint and balancing

MPS Modified oil pump


MPS Stage 3 B25 Heads


+1 mm Valves

High Performance Springs

Ti Retainers

Shimless Buckets

New Valve Seals

Mild port and polish

Kelford R-199-B Cams


turbo / Accesories


Cobb Accessport

Perrin GTX3576R .82 turbo kit (reversed intake mainfold)

Tial External Wastegate

Perrin FMIC

Invidia N1 catback exhaust

Agency Power UEL headers

ID 1000cc Injectors

ACT Street Clutch

ACT Lightweight flywheel

TGV deletes

Stock oil pan with Covert p/u

Walbro 255lph

ARP headstud / rod bolts

Grimmspeed 8mm phenolic spacer

Forge recirc BOV

New timing kit

Mishimoto rad hoses

Perrin Oil Cap

Perrin Alternator Cover

Perrin Catch Can 

AEM 900cc Water Meth with failsafe


Brakes / Suspension


Brembo GT40 BBK

Custom fog light delete brake cooling kit 

Competition Cermaic Pads

Goodridge SS brake lines

BC Coilovers

Perrin SS with bushings



Wheels / Tires


Rota Torque R (safety orange)

Federal SS 595 235/35/18


Audio / Visual


Pioneer AVHP4200DVD


JLC3 components F

JLC3 coaxial R

JLW3 HO Sub and Enclosure (subaru red)


STI V-spec Lip

OEM Sport Grille

Cobb Knob

Full side skirt / rear spats



Pending the move I sold the car and moved onto this 09 SH Fozzy XT. The hopes were to build a clean DD with a bit of individuality. So far she has been great, this is a co project between myself and the girlfriend, she gets a fair few looks driving it! haha




Mods include:


MPS Stage 1 pro tune by Dominic Acia 

Niche R 18x8.5 w Michelin X - ice2 (its -23c here today!)

Tail Overlays

09 STI RA Mudflaps w custom brackets

JDM Bumper add on

OEM Sport Grille w badge delete

07 STI lip (bit of custom fitting)

OEM Black door handle swap 

09 WRX suspension swap

Paranoid Fabrication 1/2 saggy butt spacers



Anyway thought I would share! This seems like a decent forum and some good members here. Excited to get home!



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Really appreciate it gambit thanks! A good friend of mine at home also has a clean Colin McRae and I'm sure I will get to play with that too.

I've actually been selling performance parts to the Canadian market for quite some time now and will be looking to continue things with the US dealers I have when I return. I know that there is a market for perfoamce parts and many of the US manufacturers are itching to get into the UK and I am hoping to help them do it.

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I've tried to buy stuff from the US a few times emailing companies and asking how much would it be to have it brought over, and had them not reply to me at all :(  But the stuff I have had might need a bit of playing with to get right but been spot on. But I have bought stuff from Japan too thats hit and miss :)

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I can completely understand that, the US companies on the whole are starting to see the potential of the UK. If there is anything in particular you want let me know and I can make the appropriate enquiries. Il evebtually get a website up and going but just putting some feelers out there.

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Oh I like you, you are my friend already ;) I will remember you have been warned, and I'm sure once the other Ladies and Gentleman know you might be getting a few to check up on :D. I have messaged my other Brother a few times who still lives in Canada to pop and get some bits from the auto shops when possible. 

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Haha, well my brother will still be living in Canada too so il have someone on the ground if need be. I'm curious to see how the scene has progressed since I was younger and what styles are coming through, the US has a pretty huge "stance" following right now.

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I'd say it's big now bigger than I have seen it, just with the idiots in power at the minute and bending over every time the EU wants a bit. Subarus and the other higher end performance cars I think have felt it the most. Like with the fuel costs tax and insurance new rules to M.O.T's. I've seen a lot of people selling up :( which is a shame, one of my mates had a classic shape moved on to a hawkeye but said he couldn't get around the amount of tax he had to pay on it. So sold it soon after to get a blobeye.  

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I agree not to bad, same with my brother not lived here for over 20 years. But he's a boring sod and went with a Ford focus. Can you tel he's not into cars :D 

Worth checking the Subaru's for sale section. Get some real nice cars from time to time posted in there, Not sure if Adam, Bip, Tlag  or Fruity know of any being sold. But I will keep an eye out :)

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Hi and welcome to soc .

lovely examples of subarus their fella ,shame you'll have to leave them behind :-(

If you could manage to get a few U.S aftermarket part companies to ship goods over I'm sure you won't be short of new found friends in the UK subaru community :-)

When you do come over here chuck a 500 hp blouch billet stock location in your bag and I'll pick you up at the airport :-D

To be honest I don't know what a paroniod 1/2 saggy butt spacer is :O

Chuck a couple of those in your bag anyways as they sound right up gambits street lol

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Haha! They stock wrx suspension from sitting too low with the additional weight of the forester back end. Without them it looks like you're packed for a weekend away all the time!

I ran a Blouch Dom3 xtr before switching to a GTX35r and wow it was a gorgeous turbo. So well constructed and it sounded incredible. If anyone has parts enquiries please let me know.

I actually just ordered up a full turbo kit for a friends BRZ yesterday which we will be installing in the coming weeks. Il be sure to post a few pictures

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They are becoming more common here, I've been lucky enough to drive a couple of them now and the handling is more incredible than I imagined. They only lack hp and with this turbo kit running 8psi it takes the car up to a respectable 280hp. We are also waiting on the rest of his brake parts to arrive to convert the car to 04 sti brembos. The calipers he purchased used are in good shape but are being rebuilt and powder coated yellow. The car is gunmetal so thinking a Porsche colour scheme will look good. We already lowered the car this summer but now he has a full lip / lower valance kit and brand new wheels to go on too. It should be a totally different beast come the new season, pretty excited to be building it. Maybe il start up a new thread with full install pics for you guys.

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