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(Today is a sad Day) Possible Selling up


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As the titles states, Im debating selling up my Blue turbo 2000 with STI engine and just looking around for what price it could fetch really, its hardly used any more and hasn't turned a wheel since the last Scooby meet, this is due to me having a motorbike and loosing interest in the scoob over one thing and another.


Decided im going to more or less stay jap I think and as I don't use it as a daily anymore, i may get something that's a bit crazier like a r33 GTS etc.


Plate will most likely be sold separately as well as had a few offers on it.






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closed deck block

Ej205 Heads
Newage STI Rods
HB Twin Dot Pistons from newage
Cometic Head Gaskets
Graham Goode Racing Timing Belt
Full Engine Gasket kit

Heat Wrapped Headers and Up Pipe

Oil Catch with PCV delete

Uprated Sti Header Cap

Full Jasma Decatted 3" back

Baileys DV

Fully remapped to a usuable 270bhp with pops and bangs Mapped in.

18" Powder coated alloys

Lowered suspension

Parrot Bt kit

Sony BT Stereo

Boost gauges, Oil Pressure and Oil Temp,

Thatcham Cat 1 alarm

BCT tyres loads of tread

Apexi Air Filter

Uprated Radiator and Fan

and some more ive prob missed.


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I think be a shame to sell up but at the end of the day it's up to you if you feel you have had enough :( 

Another reason I think you should stay means I'd have to get another Regional Coordinator :D and I think you could easily make your area a good meet up with Martins garage and some more members we have had 3 more from sheffield sign up last 2 weeks. :D

And I 2nd matts comment on the interior it reminds me of the old shape BMW. :)

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We're doing the 360 forza 4 at the minute mate :D 

Get yourself on it good laugh. Top Gear lap times and more you will have to take a look but good laugh. 

And I'm sure I will have a Ps4 at some point but the pull of Forza was too great :D 

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drive club is going to be better not to mention gran turismo, and I will do :)

Hmmmm I beg to differ I enjoy gran turismo but not really pipped Forza for me. And Drive club looked good graphics but crap game like Need for speed to me. But time will tell. I'm not a fanboy of either have own every console going to date right back to the atari 2600  :unsure:


But should get on with Forza with us in the league somone needs to beat Nick ;) 

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hey just seen your thread and new on here I went from a Nissan 200sx to a 2005 impreza

if u were really thinkin about changing I would def recommend the 200sx over the skyline

heres my old 200sx such an easy fun car and never missed a beat in the 2 years of me owning it



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I nearly got one instead of this scoob that I have now, im going to put it up on Swapz to see what I get offered as I just fancy a change and think once ive received about 50 offers of "check out ma sik saxo mate with my rice exhaust that add500bhp and my ripspeed GTR badge that's instantly better than a remap" ill change my mind haha.

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