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Turbo rebuild

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Took my car this morning well my td05 and reckons too much play in the shaft to be abused and needs a rebuild

How much you think I'm looking at ? Text my mate I got it off asking if he had a spare ( this was on his car ) but he binned it , my plan was to try take 2 make one good one but he sent back

" sorry dude didn't check it my fault will take it back if it costs loads but will go halfs on build if you want if you let me drive your wagon after lol "

Few friendly texts between

New agreement is see about fixing td05 if stupid cost I will get a vf28 off him he has ( pretty new )

What you think ?

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What tdo5 is it matt ? Front entry or snorkel ? 16 g oe mitsubishi or aftermarket ?

If the tdo5 hasn't been used for a while it will have a certain amount of play due to the journal being dry (they rely on oil to take up the play/lube the centre shaft)

Here's a link I used to refresh the seals on mine


but I personally wouldn't completely disassemble the the core without getting it professionally re balanced on assembly .

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Tdo series turbos do have more play than the vf series as they have roller bearings in the cores rather than relying on a well oiled shaft (que gambit comment lol) to take up the play .

I can't tell you how much play is "excessive play" but ,if you trust the seller when he said it wasn't "noisy or smokey " when it came off his scoob the oe tdo5 is a strong turbo good for 330 to 350 mods pending .

on the other hand the vf will spool a bit quicker but handle less abuse in the long run

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