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Nurburgring Nordschleife Time Trial


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I think Dogconker just wants more league tables to dominate ;)

Dammit, am I that transparent :D not that good in a crowd so I have to do hot laps  ;)


I merely set a target for you all to achieve


i'm good with only having clean laps, perhaps try something other than the 22b, have a change?

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Only prob with allowing dirty laps is that you can cut quite a lot of the track.

I'd I have no hope of setting any kind of decent time on that track. I could use a lemans and you could be in a transit and still beat me :lol:

I'm not sure I could beat a Le Mans in  transit, be fun trying though  :rolleyes:

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I didn't think about that when i put the lap in just used the car i was racing with last night. I'll pop one in on a standard car at some point.

It was just a quick 2 laps while i was waiting for you all. I didn't even save replay either boo !

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I'm hoping that the 22b one was decent compared to my fastest. I can't remember what it was done in time wise. But by the way the gt3 ghost demolished the second half of the lap i assume it was easily sub 9.

It's a shame you cant view them online

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I bet that replay will look good if we've got SOC cars, its a shame you didn't have a replay of me and blackbosh, we swapped positions god knows how many times, right up to the least corner where I slightly over cooked it.


I', good with our class A race cars to set laps, might try a Standard 22B lap also just to see., I wouldn't worry too much about clean laps on this one, it can get pretty frustrating after 9 mins to put a wheel of on last corner.



Oh no, the red rag waving and I'm the bull. Blackbosh, that lap time has got to go!!

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