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My Holy Grail, Loads of infor for Scooby owners


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Well this is the third time lucky, as such the thread will be considerably shorter than my previous two attempts lol.


Long story short I was searching for information regarding fitting a recirculating DV to a tuned Subaru as im more a fan of chatter than I am of the Ptcccch.


in short the standard TD04 isn't built internally to run a recirc if the boost is turned up due to its weaker internals unless its a hybrid. from the TD05 series up its perfectly safe to run a recirculating DV, this gets rid of the common myth of it will blow your turbine up ETC ETC, if you want to flame go ahead but do rally cars have DV or do they have a recirculating one ;) they are built more often I agree, however I digress.


I came across a website that I believe is relevant to Old and New owners of Scoobies as there is a lot of information in here that most people will know some of but not all of :).


I give to you the Holy Grail and shall now be known forever more as Indiana Jones.   

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Haha I wasn't actually expecting that first link to send me to buy Indiana Jones. To add insult to injury it wasn't even the blu ray version either!!

Thanks for the proper link though, will give it a full read through later.

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Right I've just posted that Wiki link in IE and I agree it sucks :D

in the top left corner the light switch look symbol I had to click that then paste the link then clicked it back and it worked :( I have no idea why that is :D

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Some good info/advice on there I had stumbled across this page before while doing some research . Hence why im trying to re fit the oe recirc and fit a intake temp probe when I fit my fmic .

I'm a bit confused as to why you say recirculation blow of valves aren't suitable for the tdo4 though bud . (as my 97 uk turbo has both as standard)

unless you mean not running a dump valve at all ,which gives you a "chatter" noise as the turbo stalls .in which case you're right as td series would handle the abuse for longer than the vf series .

don't mean to split hairs ;-) it just confused me a bit bud (tbo thats easily done at the best of times lol)

P.s I had issues with copying and pasting last week it turned out I needed a adobe flash player update to get ie running properly

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Hi matey, no offence taken at all I should have merely been more clear with my original post, Yeah Recirc is on as standard and is fine for standard boost but mine is running shy of 18 psi and have been told if I chuck a recirc dump valve to get chatter the turbos life will be greatly reduced, so yeah on standard boost its fine but its not recommended on uprated boost figures :).

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