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Rear diff damaged!


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I got my gearbox and diff oils changed today, and the rear diff plant gears are damaged. What are my options ? And how do I know what what diff to buy if needed ???? Thanks.

Impreza wrx wagon 2001 2ltr turbo.

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I think you should have a r160 uk rear diff with a 3.54 ratio but, if you google the gearbox code you will find out for definite .


pop your bonnet go around to the passengers side wing, look between the top mount intercooler and inner wing there should be a white sticker near the starter motor on the gearbox bellhousing  the number should begin with  TY54.......


once you know what gearbox you've got you should be able to find the diff type and ratio with a bit of a google and then look for a second hand one at a breakers would probably be the cheapest option imo


best of luck fella   

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I'll get the code checked out today thanks mate.

No there doesn't seem to be any noise but I have a small bag with bits of gears and metal!



Oh dear that does sound quite conclusive - as Savage posted once you have the code you can identify the appropriate diff

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