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My first classic


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Wish I had one at 21 I doubt I could have even got insured  :( Mind you I did have fun at 14 driving around in a 6 year old XR3I my mates dad used to let us take it out as long as it came back with fuel in it  :lol:

So I guess any car I got until I was 25 never really was going to feel up to much :(

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Nice. My younger brother was paying nearly £2000 for his Skyline at about 21,22 years of age I've never paid more than £700 a year fully comp for any of my cars, would grieve me. Mind you I'm that tight if the car infront uses it's windscreen washers I will get as close as I can to get some free screen wash  :ph34r:

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I quite like a classic in red as you dont see to many .matt how many scoobs have you owned ?(greedy boi lol)

As for me at 21i had a Mk1 astra gte ,wish I still had it as they go for silly money now :-(

Ermmmmmm 4 classics technically , got a cheap import wrx too off a mate with a bad knock to fix and put back in the road but didn't make the 4 mile trip home , sat in garage for 5 months and sold it

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