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New Plaything Drift Spec Sedan Skyline RWD Turbo


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Well I know its not a Subaru but unforeseen circumstances required me to get a car whilst the Scoobs having a bit of nip and tuck and Cardio program.


I put up my 13 Plate 125 Motorbike for Sale and after having a few ridiculous offers on it nearly 2K less than what i paid, i decided to go down the swaps route.


After Many Many Messers ive basically ended up with a Skyline Sedan Single turbo, It was imported from Japan back in 2005 where it was used for drifting, now this is where everyone is going ( i wouldn't have bothered cause it will be foooked) Its got loads of modifications on it obvs that helped it drift really really well.



High Lift Cams

Full 4" Stainless

Camber properly set up

Arms all done right for drifting

Loads of Nismo Goodies

9.5 inch wide deep dish wheels.


The first night i picked it up it !Removed! it down, Now this is a 300BHP+ RWD and loves to step out at every chance you plant your right foot hard, great fun when you get used to it but i had a few brown nugget moments. Anyways the Sedan Version is exceptionally sought after by drifters due to its longer wheelbase, and prices on these in this colour can fetch upwards of 8K, so tbh i think i got a pretty good deal.


Less Talking more pics









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Ooh nice they are like rocking horse !Removed!.

Only ever seen a couple here, one being driven by a chap in his 60's nearly turned round and made him an offer. i was looking for one a couple years back but the only one i found was pricy.

Can't see the pics to clearly on my phone, that a R34 front ?

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Its a R33 Front end thats fibreglass and will be going for the original item as looking at sprucing it up for when i sell it, there are two on eBay at the moment that arnt even M spec like this is and there on at 12k, Skylines seem to hold there money pretty well and i was surprised at how good it is, and Straight 6 Turbo's Noise is just wow.


Its coming to play tonight :)

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Looks like a 2.0 in pic but I'm on my phone lol

I love skyline 32s they get rare these days but I would love a rb25 powered 32 , you can pick up the coupe models for under. 1500 quid but rotten and need work

I worked on a couple 33s my mate has had think he has had 7 in total ! They rarely go wrong mechanically wise

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this is running standard boost as well, but is an absolute animal in the wet, but as soon as you let off it it corrects itself lol.


yeah the GTst you can get for chips, but sedans and GTR seem to hold there money well. Mate is getting an GTR R32 imported from Japan in the coming months and its a right animal.

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nice one buddy - looks like you got a great deal there and as stated they are pretty solid - some of the early s13 / sylvia engines had issues with cams - being described as chocolate, although I had no such issues

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