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all good known brands - if it was me I tend to stick with what I know works although I was looking at Syvecs options at one point - pricey but the amount of control you get to protect your engine is good

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There's a apexi v5/v6 for sale on scabby net ;-)

My brv runs a apexi fc , boost solenoid and boost controller in his v1sti works well .the only thing that I think is not as good as ecutek , esl and simtek is it only monitors knock (shows loads of info on the hand controller though) but doesn't !Removed! the timing to reduce it (automatically) otherwise I can't fault it

Also esl and simtek have the ability to run maffless , launch and flat throttle shifting if you wanted to .

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Nice choice :-)

Simon@jgm is popping up to see me tomorrow and i might go to attowes rolling road at norwich I can ask them how much for a remap if you like .

as both of them have mapped my brvs apexi at different levels of tune to good results .

I'd suggest getting a electronic boost controller fitted with the apexi , cos the fueling can be set up for high boost and you can always turn it down for long journeys ;-)

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