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New girl on the block!

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I've recently bought my first Subaru, and I love it!

I didn't actually know what it was, but it was silver and had an outside thermometer ;)

I'm not 100% sure I can tell you all the right details. But its an Impreza GX 5 door AWD - its automatic, which is a first for me! (And its kind of an estate?)

I love driving, and am really enjoying this car!

People keep waving/honking/flashing at me - I had no idea why (haha!), but noticed they've been driving Subarus. Is that the done thing?

Anyway! Im here to observe and learn how to treat it well to get the best from it.


Cornwall :))

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Ahh. Hello Tom!

That explains it then. One the other day made me burst out laughing, it was a young chap in a metallic blue with gold hubs.

Blasting and waving at me.

I had just got out to pop to the Co op for some milk.

(Before I shot passed the lady in the sporty BMW that tried to shake me off on a roundabout ;)

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Welcome to the forum. glad your enjoying the car.


Its usually at this point that someone points out that we need to see some pictures. :)


Dosnt matter what model you drive as long as its a Subaru.

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Hey Claire welcome to S.O.C have plenty of fellow female owners Diz, BoofleGem, Select, Wingnut just to name but a few :)

Glad you are enjoying the car they are a bit special I agree :D

And as said before fellow Subaru drivers will flash and wave I've seen a few and done it to them and they looked shocked so can always tell when they are new to Subarus so don't worry they shouldn't hold it against you if you didn't the 1st time :)


And please feel free to join in on the forums it's not just all car talk on here lot's of strange randomness that goes on here. 

And as Tlag said doesn't matter it's a Subaru I know some forums to single them out but here it's no matter :)

And again Tlag took the words right out my mouth Pictures are always welcome here ;) Of the car of course :)

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Hey lady, glad you are enjoying your car. Always loved cars that could shift and nothing shifts like a Scooby, unless you are a multi-millionaire...


Please do post pics. I love the flashing and waving thing that goes on. I'm a biker too, and bikers always wave to each other, but never before had this happen in a car. Enjoy it :-)


As for what's under the bonnet... holy crap. Have had a go with a few old banger cars and motorbikes but you couldn't fit a !Removed! paper in the Scooby engine and I am pretty wary of messing with it: usually looking for something obvious like 'aha! there's the problem, an octopus stuck to the air filter' so don't be ashamed to ask for advice, even if it's only so you *sound* like you know what you're talking about when you take it to the workshop ;-) xx

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OMG, I haven't even started on my ignorance of what my beloved bug-eye baffles me with! Even beardy BF, with 35+ years of vehicle maintenance experience (mostly motorbikes, Land Rovers and vans, in that order) looks and says 'hmmm... no touchy touchy' :wacko:

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Aarghhh! It was getting late, call it brain !Removed!, I know mine is a blob-eye! I open that bonnet, check a few levels and quickly close it again - leaving the 'awkward' bits to the guys at the local workshop where our mate is a manager. They fall over themselves to fix it as they are keen to 'test drive' it when the work is done. That's allowed ;-)  Claire, don't be afraid to do the same, a wee flutter of the eyelashes never hurts xx


nb got mixed up with posts and mixed up with a different new lady! Corrected, I hope!

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