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Help Needed! Exhaust impossible to find for Legacy 04 2.5i SE?

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Any advice would be great on finding a mid section and back sections exhaust for my Subaru legacy 2.5i Special Edition mk4, 04. I've tried to find the parts at scrap yards, and had parts ordered but they don't fit.




Many Thanks




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RSR, will be done in SS by tomorrow afternoon. Kinda hoped i'd find a cheaper version but this seemed like the right option. Now i'm £767 lighter but she's worth it :) Thanks for the reply's

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When I say cheaper option I mean possible used parts to get her through the MOT.

Apparently (MOT guys) say the local Subaru dealer take the order, go to RSR to have the exhaust made and then sell to the customer for double as a performance exhaust (not technically a Subaru official part). I was quoted £1500 by Subaru. I wanted to spend no more than £500 but spent almost £800. The parts aren't made anymore. SS make up is only option.

Question : Because of this do I still have to notify my insurer? 

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depends on your insurer if its not performance enhancing I wouldn't worry, to me its like replacing brake discs, if it can be an improvement I would tell them

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So stainless steel isn't an upgrade/modification? I'm hoping the sound is an improvement :)

I ask here because everyone I speak to tells me different. 

A mate wrote this to me yesterday... 'insurance - "yes Mr S, any part fitted which is not a manufacturer part must be reported to us, or the insurance is void". Me - "so if I fit windscreen wipers from Halford's and don't tell you, my insurance is void?!?!" insurance "err, well, yes, I suppose so".'

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I wouldnt say it is an upgrade if it doesnt improve performance, modification not if it is a replacement / copy but in different materials for a standard part that you can no longer get...


but bottom line Im not your insurance provider so probably best to ring them - I wouldnt expect an increase in premium because of it and if that is suggested I would put your case to them

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