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V3 painted inlet,arb,17"allys and other classic bits


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Gonna have quite a few classic saloon bit's up for grabs soon as we'll be braking my brvs v1 sti .
first we'd like to sell the engine and box so they can be driven/heard beforehand .
Original v1sti long block (bottom end and heads) this long engine will fit any version 1,2,3 &4 classic saloon , wagon or 2 door just fit your own inlet and auxiliaries.
Genuine 86,000 klm (with paperwork to prove) hand built by sti ,closed deck block , sti cams currently running 347 hp@1.2 bar £800
6 speed gearbox this came out of a uk sti (longer uk ratios) no wines/ crunches including everything needed for a classic conversion

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Got to sell the engine and box first matt, but I'll list a few other bits

2010 sti front seats

Wrapped gt spec headers with modified 4 bolt up pipe .

autobahn fmic

3" decat turbo back

tein coilovers

whiteline front /rear arbs and droplinks , anti lift kit , camber bolts .

S.S pistoned 4 pots

drilled n groved discs x4

Exedy 5 speed clutch

But tbo I'm not sure how much of it I'll keep with the Shell and apexi ecu set up .

so I might have a few my97 parts of mine for sale ie esl'd ecu , maffless set up with painted inlet ect...

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What you meant to say was

" Yes Matt it's got coilovers , white line arbs that I won't need so once we sell the engine and box your more than willing to put your name on them for the correct price "

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It's running a 5 speed starter motor , flywheel and uprated exedy clutch at the moment

the engine will fit any v1 to v4 car but if you had the other supporting mods that are on it ..... it would break your 5 speed

I'm running a v1sti long block in my 97 (v3) uk turbo, so it will definitely fit yours just don't turn the wick up ;-)

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It's running a 5 speed killing 347 hp@1.2 bar , it's only not having bigger injectors that's holding it back .

It's a sweet sounding engine if I hadn't had built my engine it would have gone in my own scoob .

if my brv didn't already own 3 cars a 1000cc aprilla and a crosser (greedy fooker lol ) or someone gave him £4k for it we wouldn't be breaking it , but hopefully I'll use the v1sti Shell for my project so it won't go to the scrappy in the sky ;-)

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Bazza - £800 is within your budget - ignore the gearbox, confirm it will fit your existing box - stick a new clutch in whilst you have it apart and just turn the power down

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Once we (eventually lol) start braking his v1 I'll get a list , prices and a few pics sorted .

As for the seats there out of a 2011 sti and are all black with red sti emblems but , will definitely need them in situ for any test drives for engine and 6 speed .

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Finally started breaking the v1 so I have a few bit's off it .

Tein coilovers with spanners £220  sold

Boost gauge and pillar pod £15 sold

Uk 3.5.4 ratio 6 speed gearbox no whines or crunches with new prop/ driveshaft seals fitted 1.5 k ago .

Just the box £1350 sold

Box + cradle , linkage and prop .basically everything needed to into a uk ratio classic/ newage .£1500  sold

Autobahn fmic and classic fitment pipework £150 SOLD

4pot front calipers (refurbished with ss pistons and new seals)
Discs and kevlar fast road pads (1.5k mls)
£150 SOLD

Whiteline arb and rear whiteline pigtail droplinks £120

5 speed exedy pink box anti judder stage 2 clutches (£280 new rated to 400hp) both clutches have only seen just under 2k mls so have barely been worn in, both have with skimmed standard flywheel s with new centre spigot bearings included but, i will split the kits and flywheels if needed

1 kit with thrust race bearing missing £140

1 complete kit £190 SOLD

Toyosports 3" decat turbo back slight scrapes on centre resonator box but doesn't affect performance /sound £130 SOLD

v3/v4 sti tmic £40

standard facelift head lights £15

facelift crystal head lights £50

facelift crystal spotlights £30

facelift crystal indicators £10

facelift crystal side repeaters £7

Classic sti carbon fibre front strutt brace

here's a few bit's that will be for sale once I've fitted my engine/running gear early October (hopefully)

Full v3 uk interior vgc with no rips/burns ect
Includes front and rear seats and door cards

17" speedline chronos with kumho tyres they could do with a refurb and tyres are good 6mm appart from a bit of "roundabout scrub"

powder coated blue v3 / v4 inlet manifold, intake pipe,throttle body, coilpack , leads engine loom ect.... basically everything needed (apart from injectors and header tank) to just bolt it on and tidy up your bay


Front ally droplinks to suit steel arms £20

All prices are based on collection from Ipswich Suffolk .

I'll add more to the list as I find it and pics on request

Cheers clive

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