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Hi all

New to these forums and fairly new to scoobys.

I jumped straight in and bought the 2008 wrx sti hatchback. Little did I know, when I pushed it to 340bhp.

I was going to blow the heads and melt the pistons. Had I have joined this I probably would have found out.

I am picking up the 2015 wrx sti on Saturday in dark metallic grey. Has anyone had theirs delivered to them yet, also I would be interested what they are like. Subaru have advised me to keep it standard for 6 months to iron out any kinks it may have. They did make me feel a bit happier telling me they could run a 360 remap without touching anything. The warranty will only go to 340 upgrade wither their exhaust system.

Any chats about the new one would be appreciated.


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...aaaaand thats why I love subaru "keep it standard for 6 months..." not "OMG you've

tinted the windows, that will have been the cause of piston 4 to melt and your gearbox to blow." and other stupid quotes from underqualified "technicians" working for other manufacturers 

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Stunning looking car in that colour. And I wish I was getting one I keep putting the lottery on in the hope it's my turn, so I can get one and a few other cars ;) 

We have another member getting one this month too I believe I keep trying to get him to bypass my house but he's having none of it :( I mean what's an extra few 100 miles ;) 


I like the sound that they can be mapped to 360 straight out the box too :) 

Well feel free to join in on the threads great bunch on here. :) 

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Hello mate - soooooooo jealous you are getting your new Sti this weekend. I'm getting a blue one due on the 30th.


Can I ask - when did you order yours? It's just that I ordered mine (and placed a large deposit down) in January (thinking at the time I would get one of the 1st 1000 with gold alloys - until I discovered after a few weeks they were only for the American market)


I'm sort of miffed that I MUST have been one of the 1st people in the UK to put my money down - but I'm still waiting on mine to arrive?

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Hi mate. Thanks for accepting me.

I ordered mine at the end of jan.

I got mine from tredington. Crossroads Subaru.

They are Cosworth and pro R registered.

Great people to speak to.

Mine came in with another grey one, white and 2 blues.

You need to get on their case and ask for a delivery date.

The car was released on 01/05/14

So there's no excuse why they are dragging their feet. Is it a large Subaru dealership.

I'm from north wales and got to travel to Warwickshire for it.

That's only because I trust them with all the upgrades I'm going to have on it.

Ring them mate and ask them for a confirmed delivery schedule. It's !Removed! me off waiting this long.

Let us know mate

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Absolutely fekin awesome mate!

From my old one which had full suspension upgrade, front and rear adjustable whiteline anti roll bars.

The new one feels exactly the same.

The handling is epic.

I can only take it up to 4000 rpm for a few hundred miles. Then progressively increase it. When I've done 1k I can drive it like I've stole it !

The Are having another 9 scoobys delivered tomorrow.

How do upload photos

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if your trying to do it on a PC/laptop the use a host site (photobucket is the most used by many of the members) then click the photo then on the right hand side is a list "links to share this photo" click on the IMG link and it'll automatically copy the link then paste it in the reply box and it'll do the rest for you


like this:


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It had got about 5 miles on it. But it took me that long to realise I should have taken a picture of it before I set off.

I suppose thinking about it I bought it in 2014 with 14 miles on it. Lol

I can't wait for it to be run in.

It sounds lovely but no where near loud enough.

I couldn't believe the amount of people

Looking at it driving home yesterday.

Most people had the expression of


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