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Gutted.. Drivers Window stopped working on my Forester.

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This afternoon the drivers window stopped working on my 2005 forester. :(





Luckily it stopped working whilst in the closed position, otherwise due to the torrential heavy rain the interior would be filled with water.




I have owned the Forester for a couple of months now and this is the first time that the window has not worked. 

I haven't noticed it slowing down or jerking whilst opening or closing it just would not open on and since this afternoon.



The switch seems to be clicking when I press it to open the window and the other windows all seem to work correctly.



The only electrical modification that I have done is to hard wire a dash camera using a piggy back fuse fitted into the Cigarette Lighter / mirror fuse.

The mirrors and the dash camera still work ( the cigarette lighter didn't work when I bought the car ). I have checked the wires and all seems OK.



I now have to start the process of elimination bearing in mind that it is absolutely persisting down outside and this is set to continue until Monday. :angry:



Looking at the hopefully easy and simple fixes first.



Is there a separate fuse for each window or would that be too easy?.


Do the switches tend to fail?.


Is it easy to remove the door panel to access the motor?.




Thank You




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I know we have another member with a problem with his Window :( 

I would take the door card off and just check it's not slipped off any runners and you can hear the motor. Check the wires behind the switch are ok too whilst in there. I would think it would more likely be the motor going myself if it was jerking before it stopped completely. 

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Thanks for the replies.




I will have a look at removing the switches and the door card if or when it stops raining cats and dogs.



Is it easy to remove the door card and gain access to the motor ?.



Which fuse protects the windows please?.

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Not to sure about the fuse but it's easy enough to remove the cards, just check the door lever and handles for any covered screws they seem to be the most common ones people miss.


I have a 2004 Forester manual you can download HERE

I might have your year but will need to upload it i'm afraid and my upload speed sucks :(  

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if you pressd the button with your lights on do they slightly dimm? if so it might be stuck. if not may be the switch it self as they are not the best out there. i made a how too on a Australian forum when i was living there. those switches are not too difficult to dismantel and clean the contacts with sand paper.


when i have the time i will see if i can find my post.

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Switches are not that bad & indeed as bitman has said can be opened for cleaning/inspection

As you say you can here clicking when button pressed I expect fault could be motor or wiring, the wiring feed into the door can fail as flexing every time door opened/closed.

Bit of investigation & checking voltage feed to motor when operating switch will help track area of fault.

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Managed to get almost an hour of dry weather so couldn't resist having a go.




Removed the door card and plastic membrane.


I wasn't going to try to remove the motor to test it as dark clouds were gathering again and I didn't want to risk another heavy downpour.

Would have saved that job for a sunny day off when i have more time.




Tested the voltage to the motor wires whilst operating the switch and that showed that power was present so not the switch.


Then sprayed around the wiring and motor connecting  gear with some WD40 and applied some light grease to the roller mechanisms.



Hey Presto the motor started working again.  Made sure that it went up and down a few times then left it before the rain started again. :(  



The motor may possibly be on it's way out though as it is making a little more noise than the other three window motors.



Good Result - for now.  Better than I was expecting.




Thanks for your help and advice everyone. :)

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cool you sorted it.


still think that those switches are not so great as many Australian Subaru owners have problems of getting the contacts inside the switches dirty (burned) as a result not working. Many be we open the windows more (nice weather) then here in the UK? Or it's the dust?


anyway only on the MY03 i had in Australia 3 out of the 7 switches didn't work...

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I've only ever replaced handful of window switches, mainly deteriorated wiring & motor from all ones i;ve done over the years.

Different climate of Oz could be reason of switch issue & is quite possible you guys are operating the switches around 3 times as many cycles in the same vehicle life span due to the nice weather Oz has.

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Glad I managed to get the motor working again, at least for the time being but hopefully for longer.




Replacing the window motor looks to be an awkward job with not very good access and will probably be expensive too.

Nice one mate nice job

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On 5/25/2014 at 9:09 AM, bitman said:

not found my forum post yet, but i did found the pictures on my abandoned Google+ (biton walstra) page;





now I will try to clean mine, almost same symptoms , with the only difference that my window closes in jumps 

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