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have a look, see what you think ;)


a few good ones...









Still can't get over I was the only white STi Hatch there :(... TBH only saw about 3 others Hatch's including WRX Hatch's


I did have a good day though.. finishing off with a lovely meal over at The Dun Cow in Rugby with few of the other Midland Scooby peeps who came to Prodrive www.m-soc.com



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That would have been my second one of must haves. Well could be the 1st thats what I mean I couldn't choose one :D


I know they was looking for a venue to look after the cars whilst them move. I have room but not all under a roof like they wanted :(

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it's not a patch on what it used to be :(

when i started watching it there were Audi's and then cossie's and then the scoobies and evo's :wub:


1.6 turbo??? my lawn mower has a bigger engine. but if they put those engines in buggy's or off road cart's that might be worth watching

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nope :lol:


it's a shame the integrale was only LHD :(


Yea I agree. Integrale was an incredible car. I manager at work bought one new and I was in awe  :D


I did watch the Wheeler Dealer episode where they restored one...quite cheap to buy if I remember. 

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