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Which Alloys - Again!?

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I've not been having much luck lately. 2 of my Team Dynamic wheels are buckled - long story. Can't seem to get hold of any single alloys fora reasonable price and even if I did they'd still need spraying again to match the rest.

I've been uhmmming and arrrring about what to do and thanks to some night work at double time and if I can sell my old Kato's I'm shortly going to have enough money to bite the bullet and buy a brand new set. The only thing is to has meant I've started looking alloy wheel shopping again and now can't decide which I want.

Want them in 18" so I can still use my new tyres which cost me £350+ plus just think they look and fill the arch better. I've narrowed it down to 3 choices.

Could get a brand new set of Team Dynamics in black - would meet I'd have 2 of my current ones as spare too.


But around the same price I could also get Revolution Milleniums which I've always loved in gunmetal.



Gold there, but you get the idea. Although I do love these in gold too...

And lastly some Rota GRA's in flat black.



Wrong colour scheme again but you get the idea.

Which do you guys think I should get?

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Big fan of the revolutions on a classic and rota grids on a newage myself

I'm not to keen on multi spoke rims tbo ,but that's only personal preference.

I like a simple design if their dark coloured .

As for colour I quite like the look of this


But I've had white wheels before and their a proppa pita to keep clean

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Argh! Can't make up my mind lol. I have ruled out the Team Dynamics though I think.

I've found some better pics of the Milleniums:




I can't seem to find any pics of dark/black GRA's on a blue newage though so struggling to picture those on mine still.

@ Savage - I love the blue and dark/black combo on Scoobs and that's the theme I'm having on mine so I'm definitely sticking with black or a dark colour with the alloys. I do like the Grids too but they're too wide and expensive for me. Keep the suggestions coming though :)

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