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new old car


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Hi froddy. Watch out for the rozzers  :D . Have a look at the rear inner wheel arches, they can rot at those points and at the rear or the inner sills. 

Im quite new to subaru so maybe someone else will help with the steering squeak. But I would check the outer balljoints on the suspension arms. 

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Wotcha and welcome - check out this buyers guide for lots of info also feel free to share photos and browse the forum, we have a few wagon owners who have done some great mods which may provide some inspiration for your own motor



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hello fellow wagon owner!


Yeah the squuek might be from the steering rack, might need some grease on it !!


is it all the time or occasionally? If its a facelift the momo wheel tends to need a little bit of grease around the slip ring



might be worth checking the power steering fluid as mine tends to use quite a bit

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Well, welcome first of all.. :D


Second, when i bought mine Impreza 99 gt, I had something similar, so when I was steering all the way to one side there was a terrible noise... the "terrible noise" was a plastic from the front bumper that the screw was lost so it was loose this part and when I steer all the way to one side the wheel was touching it... not big deal, but check it... its worth it since its only 1 screw and bye bye horrible noise... xD

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