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key fob programming

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I've got a fob that doesn't work with this car.  It's a 2006 GG wagon that I imported from Japan and it only has one key.


The key that works has a 2 button handle.


The fob that doesn't is a 2 button fog with a key dangling from it.


I've scoured the net and still can't find anything.  Does anyone on here know how to fix this?  How do I get the second fob working.


Thanks all



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Hello, bit strange and random reply but are you sure the 2nd fob is for the alarm ? 90% of jdm imports just have the factory security as theft isn't a big issue in japan.

My previous 2 imports came with the standard 2 button key and a valet key.

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Actually, I don't think it's alarmed.  Press the open and the central locking opens.  Guess what happens when you press 'close'?  That's all that happens.


The second fob might be on a different frequency, I dunno.  I was a-hoping that i'd get a key cut and that would be my second set.  If I get a new key where the 2 button is on the fob then I need to program the fob and gt another key cut.


Any more?

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My only suggestion is contact your local dealer, for another two botton fob. May be a case of taking all the keys in and re programming them all at once :-( I don't know if the key has an immobiliser chip inside. If you werent fussed about the central locking mayby try a local key cutting place.

Wonder what the other fob thing is for. ?

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Your purchased remote will have to be suitable for the vehicle remote locking system.

Your key will be chipped. It is easy enough to get a key made up & chipped for about £30, for sure will be few locksmiths local to you so get some quotes.

If you really want remote locking fob then hopefully one you picked up will work, if not you will need hunt for a fob or key with inbuilt fob to build one from chipped key you get made by cross grafting it with used key with inbuilt fob you may find by doodling on eBay or a breakers.

Some car locksmiths will build new key & chip into an original key with fob but some don't like putting in the effort.

Most important thing is sort out key & chip ASAP as if you loose current key u are in the !Removed! & only a big bill will resolve it.

Fob not so important so just see how that plays out with one you picked up & if don't work look for other used fobs if really need one.

link below should help on programming hopefully.


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