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m-soc 10th anniversary event @ Curborough Sprint Circuit


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Midland Scoobies held their 10th anniversary event at Curborough Sprint Circuit.


Great day, worth going for only £2each (£5 for the show & shine entry... which I won).



If you fancy it next year.. watch this space ;)




some pix posted here too.. 

14519389579_1d21c9128d_b.jpgm-soc-14 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14705755282_7aa9e0f458_b.jpgm-soc-37 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14706050825_62b5fee788_b.jpgm-soc-45 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14519373640_ec0ac075a3_b.jpgm-soc-58 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14683049796_53d3533949_b.jpgm-soc-56 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14706049465_200639666c_b.jpgm-soc-80 by salsa-king, on Flickr


14519372640_767a181b41_b.jpgm-soc-89 by salsa-king, on Flickr






fab day out :)

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