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4 pot caliper upgrade for WRX-S hatchback


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Hi all, not sure if all WRX-S hatchbacks come with 2 pot calipers at the front, but my 2008 model does! They look ugly as hell, corroded/rusty looking and the stopping power isn't exactly amazing.

Can anyone tell me how easy (or not) it would be to upgrade to 4 pots? I have the standard 18" prodrive GT1 anthracite alloys so some nice new red calipers would look the business.

Am I best going to a subaru specialist? Don't really want my pants pulled down by the dealership! Or will I find it's same price wherever I go? Struggling to find a price on the internet other than reconditioned calipers?!

Any help of advice appreciated! Cheers.

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You'd be looking at Brembo, AP, Turox, k-sport upgrades, price will vary but you won't be looking at under a grand for the full set up,

disc, pads and callipers.

Unless you find a 2nd hand set of STI brakes.

To be honest I think most 4 pot Subaru will just bolt straight on the car. You will need new discs if you upgrade the callipers as they won't fit the standard discs that come with a 2 pot set up.

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I must say I looked at these this week, great price.



then you sell your two pots and get a bit of money back towards your new ones.



I have a feeling you have 100pcd and not the STi 114pcd though. so you might be better looking for 100pcd.


or ask ScoobyClinic, 




My original scoob had two pots... waste of time they were. I ended up buying a set of 4pots that had comes off a P1 (as the owner had upgraeded to alcons)


the 4pots were so much better.. and then had EBC discs front and back... Red stuff on the front, Green stuff on the back. so much better.




If you just upgrade discs, you'll wish you'd saved and spent extra on the Pot upgrade. So I'd say don't mess about. wait til you can upgrade properly, or you're wasting money and not be happy.

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in the short term try changing the pads for some EBC red stuff as Salsa did - great pads with more bite


also whilst you are considering the caliper change budget for some braided hoses as well

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Really helpful info here, really appreciate it! I'll defo drop Cusco a message thanks for that! Checked out the link and those subaru 4 pots look awesome!

I think you're right about the 100pcd Salsa! Looks like I'm guan have to bite the bullet and upgrade the lot!

...why the f didn't I just buy an sti?! Ha!

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