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Where to buy a Forester front grille badge please?.

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We have been on holiday for a week in Lincolnshire with the Forester.




Apparently some considerate ****** has tried to remove the front grille badge ( unsuccessfully ) and has ended up damaging it. :(




There is no other damage to the bumper or grille to suggest that someone has bumped into the car on a car park, just the badge is cracked and  has three holes in it.




Where would be the best place to buy a replacement badge and is it an easy job to remove whats left of the original badge without causing damage to the grille.





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Thanks for the replies.



I have looked on eBay but no luck in finding a suitable badge for my XT as yet.


There are some on eBay but they are a different size to the badge on my Forester.




The size of my damaged oval badge is @ 130 mm x 65 mm or 5 1/8" x 1 3/8".


Most on eBay are 104mm  x 51mm.


I found one from a US supplier with a part number but even that looks smaller than my badge and is £ 67.75 including shipping. :o




Was thinking of trying a breakers yard but assume that most would want to sell the complete grille assembly.

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