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Newbie from Dorset


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Hi Everyone,


Thought it was about time that I registered and joined the Club.


I must admit that I was also looking for info as my 2006 Forester XT is due for a cam belt change.

First step - contact the Subaru Main Dealer for the area - sitting comfortably ?


All in price for the cam belt change was - wait for it ! - £1560 - YES - that is one thousand five hundred and sixty pounds  - how the dealer could state that it was 3.5 hours to change the water pump as part of the service puzzles me.


As a rough guide I checked the Euro Parts web site - round about £300 for the cam belt kit - including water pump; tensioners etc. The Subaru price for the water pump was as far as I remember - £173 + VAT.


I think that I had better do a lot more reading - once my blood pressure drops anyway.


My cars :- 2006 Forester XT ; 1998 Impreza Terzo


Alan Clark


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C
I agree with Pete worth finding a local Jap specialist garage to do the job most are better value as they can do it quicker and know what they're doing :) And please feel free to post up some pictures and join in on the threads great bunch on here all up for a laugh :)

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I do cambelt, all pulleys/tensioner (OEM sourced), jap sourced water pump, crank seal for £525.

We only use ADL kits with OEM bearings or Dayco belts with OEM bearings, water pumps are japanese Asin or equal quality Jap brand not cheaper European sourced.

You will get prices from range of £380 to your dealer quote :-S hard compare the lower quotes without knowing quality of parts used & quality/care of work. Always worth asking what parts they use to help judge pricing & also fussiness of garage.

Cambelt on the boxer is pleasant job compared to say a Pug 206hdi so any talk of complexity by garage is ploy for more cash or sign of minimal experience

Subaru prices are just ridiculous in terms of part prices & labour, would sell a lot more parts & maintain a busy workshop if they improved their pricing.

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