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2 Tonne Trolley Jack Recommendations?


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Please can anyone recommend one of the above for me please? Needs to be able to hold my Outback. Ideally I'd like one which has a large footprint to spread the load on my paved driveway.

Thank you

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Had one of these for years well worth the outlay




If I was buying now I would go for this but I dont think you need the low profile with your motor



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My machine mart one fell apart within a couple of years use, I had heard that the supplier they used went bust and quality went down. May be different now. But it only cost 30 quid so I suppose you get what you pay for

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I had that with my Halfords one - paid £30 and it came to pieces - did me for a bit but thats when I went a bit more heavy duty with the MM item, I have had it for a few years now and the model number is the same but they may well have changed suppliers since I purchased mine

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They do seem to have increased in price since I bought it. Had to wait a week or two for them to come back into stock so maybe they just sourced some crap in to fill the void. Everything else I've bought form mm has lasted years.

The lightweight ally ones look good as do the long reach handles. Depends on access. Where's the jacking points on the legacy, Rear diff ?

I ended up buying two bottle jacks for the front and rear railway sleeper cut down to spread the load and I just slide four axel stands in now

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One like in link below not bad >


Heres same jack at better price >



Wider wheel base & bigger jacking pad make them safer in use, would be suitable for most jacking needs & can split handle half length when working in tight spots etc.

Also worth having length of insulation style padding that can be slid up-down the handle so if jack under car long way & handle can contact bumpers/panels you can position foam to protect the paint. Do this on all our jacks as easy to loose grip on handle & if flips up nasty damage could happen.

You can use bit of old ply-board to help save drive blocks getting marked.

Quality is always bit of gamble as indeed change manufacturers at times & many common brands will be same units with different stickers/colours & prices !

Worth looking in local motor factors as they often have lower cost trade quality ones between £80-£120.

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