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Hello again


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Good morning World!


Not so much a new member, but more of an old face returning.  I had a WhatsApp message from Myke about this forum yesterday so, first up… Apologies for my vanishing act.


There was no real reason for this, there hasn't been any falling-out or disagreements with the members or Admin of this forum but there were some major issues in my personal life that all added up to me just kinda walking away from the whole Subaru world for a while.


Firstly, I was forced to close my business when the landlord decided he didn't want me there any more and I didn't have the funds to relocate.  You probably know this already as the GX I sold to Myke was sold as a result of this, but once all the major assets of the company were sold I threw myself into my new job, which has nothing to do with cars, and a general lack of funds saw the GT-B being taken off the road as SORN.  The final nail in the coffin for Subarus in my life came when flooding over winter cut the internet off in my home for over a month.  Although that was fixed, it saw me drifting away, and for no real reason I just didn't come back.


Anyway, I received an invite to the Nurburgring a few months ago and this has spurred me on to getting the GT-B back on the road. This was taxed on 1st August I have found myself slowly returning to the world of Subaru ownership.


My new job is still keeping me very busy, but I will make an extra effort to look in here from time to time.


Meanwhile, here's a photo of the GT-B taken the day I put it back on the road...



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Hi mate welcome back no need to apologize **** happens mate :( Been there with a landlord before but with a house. when he wanted to sell up because the house market was at the all time high :( that was followed up with some other bad things :(

But anyway hopefully time away makes the heart grow fonder :) and I'm pretty sure now you have her back on the road the smiles will follow :)   

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Same old "faces" then. I see Gambit isn't any better looking ;)

Alas my new job doesn't let me use the Internet very often. Just a quick look on my phone during breaks :(

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