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Under body cleaning ?

savage bulldogs

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Just wondering if anyone has cleaned the underside of a motor and if so what they used to clean and seal it afterwards.

Ideally I'd like something to just last the comming winter months. As I intend on prepping painting and polly bushing most moving parts at some point .

Thanks in advance


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Just come across this,

I normally use a wire brush go over all the bits you want to re do, then either the 5L waxoil stuff that comes with a sprayer or last year I did the paint on hammerite/waxiol treatment

Had mixed results with the spray, mainly once it starts theres no stopping went everywhere on manifold and is generally messy as fook. If you don't have a lift.

Brush stuff is good too did the floor pan and all the undersides of wishbones and wheel arches.

Both of them have a moisture inhibitors which drys out everything. This year I'm gonna brush the floor pan and get some of the waxoil rattle cans to get into the box sections

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Sorry ash I thought I replied to you bud , I did use that muck off under the rear arches and in the bay to seal the paintwork, cheers

Made a world of difference that stants [emoji106]

is brush on stuff clear in colour ?

As mine hasn't been undersealed but I like that I can see any rust issues and sort them , rather than black underseal hiding issues

bitman I do use engine oil on black pipework but can't stand the smell of gearbox oil bud

Also I use "shockproof" oil which is green [emoji19]

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Remember Marks mate Joe in Redhill. He has a car lift he's happy for people to use for £10. I did the underside of my car round his...although that was using Waxoil paint and not the guely spray...I didn't want to take the pee and ruin his floor lol

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That's a shame it's in Surrey cos I'd love the use of a ramp now and then .

Guess I'm stuck with the axle stands and blocks of wood for now

I Feel your (back) pain mate, luckily I borrowed the little ramps in the pic last year made things easier.

Uld be nice to have someone near me with a lift I could borrow.

When the car was imported somone dis a proper job sealing it so luckily it's only just a prevention coating

That waxoil in a pump applicator's a nightmare, wouldn't stop coming out even after id de pressurised it haha. Wasn't so funny driving home with smoke pouring off the car :O

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