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Finally sorted Clifford nightmare alarm issues !!!!!


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Just a little issue that Nearly got me kicked out of my home for noise nousence ! When I bought my 97 turbo It came with a Clifford g5 alarm. Good news for insurance, little did I know it had a mind of its own ! It set itself off randomly at all times of the day and night. Was worried about locking it it became that bad. After weeks of scouring the net, asking people and printing off instruction manuals which gave me nothing ! I called a auto electrician that specialises in Clifford and he told me all I had to do was as soon as it goes off. Unlock it, jump in, stick the key in the ignition and the little blue Clifford LED flashes to give you a fault code !. Rang him back and he told me straight away it was the bonnet switch. Which I have disconnected temporarily till I get it replaced. And I can't believe how underrated the silence is ! Why I didn't think to call someone before I don't know ! On my searches across the internet people had the same issue so thought I'd write this novel just incase anyone on here had the same problem. Anyway I'm gonna shut it now ..

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I had same issue with the two professional clifford installs I have had, very good marketing, not as great a product - in the end I was recommended a different fitter who turned out used Sigmas, this was pre subaru ownership so was quite pleased to find they came with factory fit Sigmas as I had several trouble free years

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