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Hawkeye Vs Blobeye Performance Question


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Hey guys,

Full on noob question, but apart from the frontal appearance between the 2005 Blobeye WRX and the 2006 Hawkeye WRX, what other differences are there? (If any)

Obviously Pro Drive performance packs up the power, but stock for stock am I correct in thinking both provide 226BHP (Give or take), and both have the same engine, gearbox, suspension parts etc?

The reason for my question is that with approx 6K or so to blow on a WRX I'm seeing that the Blobeye appears to be a grand cheaper than the Hawkeye and am considering the Blobeye with a grand left over for bits and bobs.

Help appreciated!

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The Hawk has a 2.5l engine instead of the old 2l. Generally puts out about the same power but torque can be/is higher.

However the 2.5l engine has a bad reputation for going pop, especially if you mod it - seems a matter of when rather than if so I'd go for the Blobeye. Just do a quick google search or have a quick look on Scoobynet.

The 2005 widetrack model with DCCD is also the model many people say it's the best newage Scoob you can get. So I'd definitely say get that one.

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Don't get me wrong I love my Bugeye with the morretes lol :D If I could afford to keep it I would. I've always said if I won the lottery ?I'd send it away have a full rebuild and paint job done on it getting it looking back to it's best even if I would never drive it. It was my 1st Subaru so will always have a place in my petrol beating heart  :wub:

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