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Forester Diesel particulate filter


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Driving along today and the DPS warning light starts flashing without any prior notice , so refuelled with the expensive stuff and drove it up and down the motorway, but to no avail light still flashing.

Will be seeking professional advice in the morning , there is no lack of performance any ideas please.

will update when I know more .


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Yes, It's an option . If all modern  diesel engines have these ( soot boxes ) fitted it seems  unreasonable that they are difficult to service or clean , considering the amount of short journeys we do in UK . 

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I have heard many stories of problems with cars that are fitted with DPF's.




Short journeys clog up and eventually ruin the DPF  and it can be rather expensive to replace them which in my case would far outweigh any benefits gained by lower fuel consumption.


There are cleaning products available for the DPF.



I personally wouldn't buy a diesel car that has a DPF fitted due to the fact that I generally only travel short journeys.


They are ideal for people who are doing high mileage each day though.




My Forester 2.5 XT averages just over 30 MPG on a steady run and obviously less around town, especially if I am in a hurry. :lol:



What sort of fuel economy does your Diesel Forester get please?.



Was thinking of trading my Forester in towards one of these ultra efficient super minis which are excise duty free and claim to average @ 65 MPG with up to 80 MPG on a run. :rolleyes:



Can't see it being as much fun to drive as my XT though.



Please let us know how you go on with sorting your DPF problem.





Thank You

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Hi Thanks for your interest, at the moment average 38 mpg I don't do a lot of motorway driving and rarely use 5th and 6th gear.

Mileage is 51k  .Only had the car two months so I don't know if it's happened before . Had my last car for ten years, never heard    

of a DPF until last week . Will update after Wed .  

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DPF is absolute waste of time on low average mileage of say 12,000miles a year.

the amount of pollution caused from manufacture of a DPF & the cleaning of it in terms of fuel & chemicals works out far worse impact in term of pollution than a bit of soot. All that was really needed was stringent emissions & engine oil checks for MOT so tune/emissions was very healthy thus minimal pollution.

DPF is technically quite clever but if not a lorry/bus/van etc doing silly annual mileage it is a complete negative in term of environmental care & common sense engineering :-S

Part of reason I like the older vehicles is because they are better engineered & far less hassle & far less polluting in term of birth to death figures.

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Hi My local subaru garage sorted it out but they had to take it to a main dealer  for forced regeneration. 

Turns out mine is euro4 not euro5 , Told me how to tell is manifold cover is plastic on euro5 2010 and metal

on 2009 up to September 2009. What the difference is between 4 and 5 don' know. 

I agree with Mr B waste of time.

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