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Finally own an Impreza! Oh and I'm new :D


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Hey Guys!


Finally, after years of wanting a Subaru Impreza... (and a wife who didn't) I have finally won her over and bought one! It's a completely bog standard, 2004 WRX. I am the second owner and it has done less than 32k!! I've only had it for 2 days and covered 60 miles and I already know I'm going to love owning this car!!


Been doing a lot of research into dumpvalves, induction kits, exhausts etc... Basically my goal is not to go down the mega tuner route. I just want to do a few minor changes, first one being the exhaust. I want to just have that distinct burble, nothing too loud otherwise the wife will probably go mental! So was just thinking of changing the backbox and see how that goes, maybe further down the line doing more but I reckon it's a good place to start!


Got my eye on this:




Anyone have some experience or knowledge on this? Will it be stupidly loud or just loud enough? I don't want something that will be really loud on motorway drives.


Also read alot about induction kits causing issues to the MAF sensor... would it be best just getting a better panel filter? Or not changing the filter at all?


Thanks in advance!!




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Hello & welcome, looks nice and a clean example,

Starting off at the back box is a good idea at least that way you won't waste any money and you can work further down the sections to get the volume to your taste,

I've briefly looked at the link. Looks good and I'm sure some of the members here have used them,

One thing to consider is the diameter of the middle section it's joining to if it will be a straight swop with no modifications to fit ?and 2nd do they do a centre scetion you want to change that in the future ? May as well get a system that does both bits then there will be less hassle when you decide to change the middle :-D

Have a look at the centre section on your car see how many resonators it may have, if it's more than one it will be fairly quiet until you give it the beans

One of our members has just changed his prodrive back box for a ninja one from scoobyworld and has posted a vid. There stuffs top quality but costs a little more,

dump valves are personal taste, the stock one works well, some people report lumpy running when aftermarket ones have been used without remapping, others dont have a problem.

Again with filters some eat through maf's and some people say they have had no problems,

If you were thinking about a new one go for a 'dry' type to lessen the chances of killing the maf.

I'm sure you probably know this but always allow the car to warm up before driving hard and cool down for a minute or two, although our turbos are watercooled and shouldnt need to worry about coking up it doesn't hurt

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 


I was a big fan of He-Man as a kid :) 


dump valves like Stants has said some engines can run them others can't, not so bad with the newage as much as the classics. I have 2 scoobs in the garage both have them and run fine with them it's just pick of the luck really.

Induction kits again have them on both as long as its not an oiled one should be fine. it's the oiled ones that do the damage.


Anyway feel free to jump in on the forum great friendly bunch on here. So as long as you have a good sense of humour should fit right in at home :D  

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Thanks for the warm welcome and replies guys!!


I'm assuming that dry and non-oiled are the same? If so, what would be a good induction kit to go for and how do you tell if it's dry/non-oiled?


The car is a little quiet for my taste :D

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Lovely looking car! That exhaust looks quite similar to the Ninja I've got on my car. I own a bugeye and this is what mine sounds like....



Not so bad at idle but when you open her up she rawrs!


Welcome to the Subaru club and I can surely say that you will never want to get rid of your car ;)

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Gaulson: I'll have a listen when i get home, PC at work doesn't have speakers!!


Nah I'm not going to be tuning it, just a few extras to release a bit more noise is all, it's plenty fast for me... I came from a 2.2ctdi Honda civic which wasn't exactly a slow car, but the Impreza blows it away!

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i have a downpipe and centre section that is stainless, you would just need a back box ??


HNNNNNG.... don't tempt me...


How much would you be looking for them? Would they make the car very loud? I don't want it to be OTT...

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Hi Mate and welcome.

I'm in a similar position to you. Mrs isn't really into the kind of cars I like. I'm also travelling 100 miles a day round the m25, so I dont want a spine shattering ear slitting car.


I bought a standard 2004 WRX and have been tweaking with the above in mind.


So far I have,


1. Replaced the backbox peashooter exhaust with a WR Sport exhaust. It's made by ProDrive and it was an optional extra when the car was originally sold.


 This has given it the nice Scoobie burble. Sounds great but isn't extremely loud like some of the other exhausts.I did fit some sound deadening in the boot and rear wheel arches to deaden some of the exhaust sound as it was getting to me in traffic. Would have been fine if it was a weekend car or I just drove 1hr a day.


2. Did a snorkel delete. Snorkel sits in the drivers wing and redirects the air to quieten it down before feeding the air intake. Took me about 20 mins to do, was a free mod and gives a nice sound under heavy acceleration.


3. Fitted a upgraded Fuel pump. My Scoobie specialist mechanic recommended this to help wit the remap.


4. Replace standard panel air filter with a pipercross.My Scoobie specialist mechanic recommended this too to help wit the remap.

I will get it remapped soon. I'm not after a huge amount more power. Just want to better utilise the VPower I'm sticking in it, bit more mid range and faster pickup.

In my view:


I don't think there is much point fitting an induction kit unless you want big big power. I also don't think there is a point in fitting the DV unless you like the noise and it's not going to annoy the mrs. I do like the sound but I drove one car where it just really annoyed the hell out of me, it was really loud (on 100% vent?) and went off every gear change.





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Thanks for that detailed reply Justin!


I've read about that snorkel removal, some people say it causes a little bit of air turbulence and loses a little bit of power? Have you noticed any negative effects after doing that? I was more leaning to just upgraded the panel filter anyway... just wanted some more opinions!


Was considering a hybrid dump valve and maybe set it to 50/50... but they seem quite expensive so that can wait for now!

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No I didn't notice any performance loss at all.

If you start looking into DVs you'll find views that it reduces power, damages engines or does nothing but make a nice sound. I've also read people returning to an OEM recirc and saying they have noticed a performance gain. My conclusion was that it wouldn't help me with what I wanted to get out of the car so I would spend my money on the other stuff for now. It's one of those sensitive subjects like religion or politics!

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Yeh I had no idea there was such a debate with DV's until I started reading up on them before collecting my Impreza on Tuesday!


Ok, so my agenda for the next couple of months:



Air Filter

Possibly remove snorkel

Clean up the front lights as they have fogged up a little 


is the snorkel just bolted on or did you have to cut it off?

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I have ones to detango headlights and also unsqueek seat belts if those are of interest


I've found a good walkthrough on how to sort out the headlights, and my seatbelts don't squeek but thanks anyway!

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One thing I'd say about headlights is make sure you use sealant when you close them back up, the guides just say reheat the old sealant but that didn't do it for me and I ended up with condensation when I cleaned the car. So I had to take it apart again, dry it out and reseal it properly

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Did you completely remove the lamps? I've seen instructions where people sandpaper the outside to remove the fogging then polish them up... did you have a different type of fogging? Mine looks to be caused by UV discolouring the plastic...

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Did you completely remove the lamps? I've seen instructions where people sandpaper the outside to remove the fogging then polish them up... did you have a different type of fogging? Mine looks to be caused by UV discolouring the plastic...

Oh no mate. I was talking about detango, so removing the Orange and if you want black them a bit so they look more modern and moody.

I didn't black mine but this is what I mean....


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