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Facebook sent me here :)


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Evening all, I was directed this way by a couple of people on facebook tonight so thought i'd join and say hello.


A lot of you may already know us (midland scooby spares, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire) but if not I'll give you a run down.


Been an Impreza owner and enthusiast for 7 years and run MSS for a year.

Started with a UK2000 which I bought already modded

Then bought a Version 6 Type R WRC for £1500 which I restored to mint, only to crash it at 20mph on a diesel covered road (2 others crashed the same night) and it was written off.




Moved away from Subaru's for a while as I was gutted to lose the R after all the work I'd done but ended up buying another classic which I restored. Tried to sell it but couldnt find a buyer so broke it and made 50% more than the asking price.


I know own a 2006 Hawkeye WRX which I believe is a record breaker. 239,000 miles on the original engine, headgaskets and clutch! FULL subaru history from day 1, recently remapped and she's amazing




Started Midland Scooby Spares in 2013 with next to nothing and have built it up with my colleage Paul to what it is now. We started with classics but have now moved on to newage as demand is very high for premium/modified/sti parts. We have over 1000 members of our facebook page and have met a LOT of people at various events/shows etc. We fit, modify, repair, service and arrange mapping, basically anything an enthusiast wants because, having been an owner/modder/buyer for many years I know what the market is like and how good and bad it can be.


I've come on here as an enthusiast, a modder, a nurburgringer and a breaker so would like to know how to become a proper trader if someone can help point me the right way.


Cheers peeps :)

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That R is !Removed! BEAUTIFUL!! That is exactly what I'm looking for as a long term car in the future. Such a shame to hear of its end :(

Wow! That is amazing on the 2.5 engine :O looking good :), !Removed! hell that arch gap is huge on standard ones though.

Hopefully Gambit or Steve will be along soon to help you out with becoming a trader. I, along with many others are always on the look out for parts so you'll be very welcome here :)

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Hello mate seen you on facebook funny enough :D small world now with that :) 


But welcome to S.O.C always handy to have a few spares places at hand. I've only ever tried one place on facebook for a part and they never got back to me so never approached anyone else through it. 

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I just can't stop staring at the paintwork, it's amazing!! Makes me want to get mine resprayed so the paint is fresh and thicker. At the moment it's looking okay but loads of chips and little scratches :(. Not done by me I might add!

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