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Which to go for.


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I know it's all going to be down to personal preference but I'm currently looking into the Blobeye imprezas and at present two are catchingy eye.

One is a 55 plate WRX300 with the Prodrive package the other is an 04 plate Wrx Sti in standard spec.

Over the two which would people say is the better one to go for?

Wrx300 or Sti?

Advice either way on which is best reliability and running wise is appreciated. :)

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Are they really that much better? I only ask as the insurance is what makes me a little reserved as the sti is coming up at over £400 extra to insure than the wrx.

Obviously I will do more phoning round on that but I was a little surprised at the difference.

The wrx being £462 & the sti being £938 iirc.

A big jump but this is only quoting through my current ins group so may well be bettered.

Do all the sti's have the dccd system or is that only on certain models?

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Ah I've seen that the sti I'm thinking about states 6 speed but doesn't mention the dccd on it. I know others have mentioned along with the wide track options.

Mileage the wrx has 69k with full main dealer history with full invoices, the sti has 67k with history and a folder full of invoices and receipts the owner says. Both around the £6-6500 price range and at present both are supposedly standard barring the wrx with PPP setup.

Tuning wise I think I'd be happy for a while but would probably like to hit 3-350hp eventually. Not major power as would be the family car so needs to be as reliable as a modded car can be but something that would always put a smile on your face when you go out in it all the time.

I have been looking through for other sti's that maybe a little older or cheaper to offset the insurance difference but I know with this type of car I don't really want to go cheap as they usually are for a reason.

At present it's all from pictures and word of mouth but as both cars are a fair track away and in opposite directions it's seeing which would be best to look at first..

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Well, just having brought my wrx with PPP on it, on a 54 plate, i have to say i am extremely happy with it. I love it. Enough power, not too quick for the missus, not too loud for the missus, and drives really well. Mine is also the main family car. Having said all of that, i'm not sure that one day I'm going to wake up still wanting an STI. As standard i think they look better, and i know already that a 6th gear would come in handy, but i think you will be happy with either. If i had the extra money, i would probably have got an STI. Not having driven one yet though, i really am just basing it on what i've heard from others, and on looks. 

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I appreciate where your both coming from and this is what I meant by I know all will have their favourites and personal preference.

Granted I would love to say yep, I have the Sti version but I would be wondering if it is really going to be something that is going to be viable.

I have now found another nice looking one with 85k on it with fsh and belts, bearings and so on all done with paperwork to prove and it's got a gorgeous set if rotas on it too which set it off. This one is on a 53 iirc.

I'm sure whichever one I was to go for I would be over the moon with it and absolutely love it, it's just is the Sti going to be physically better or for what I'm looking for at present will I not notice that much in reality?

I do enjoy pushing hard when out on my own but have to obviously chill out when family out in the car.

Still a boy at heart though which is why I'm unsure ;)

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There's a fair bit of difference between the newage wrx's and sti's other than the look of interior , exterior styling .

Sti's have bigger brakes , stronger 6 gearboxes (almost handle twice the power) stronger forged engine's with sti cams , stiffer suspension .

if you're intending on modifying for power imo a sti is better starting platform .

On the other hand a mapped wrx will be faster than a standard sti , so really it's down to what your going to want to do to it , as plenty of wrx owners have enjoyed modding their wrx's and didn't want to just "buy" a faster car

Whichever you choose just continue to be patient and have a good look about

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Appreciate the input. After doing a little reading up this evening yes I see there are a fair few differences between the two versions.

I don't think I'm ever going to be doing Big power chasing in them as I can't warrant the money got that kind of thing but in fairness I can never leave a car standard.

I just want to get the best one I can afford to get, why I'm asking for this advice.

Maybe need to consider a little more then first.

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