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My Scooby now sounds like a Scooby!!


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After finally buying an Impreza which was completely standard, was unusual to hear one that is completely standard! So the quest for making the noise had to start...


Thankfully I have a mate who is quite handy around cars which saved me quite a few pennies!


So the first thing was replacing the panel filter, opted for a pipercross filter... we then set about removing the airbox resonator!! Took a bit of time but we got there and what a big difference! Can hear the air getting sucked in and hear the dump valve, even tho it's a recirc! Result!




Next thing, exhaust!!




No wonder it was quiet, the size of the silencer on the standard exhaust is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!! So we managed to pull that off... I opted to go for a Japspeed 4.5" slashed tailpipe... tis very nice looking and not too loud (only back box)




Now I have the classic Subaru burble... I am a very happy man! and it's not too loud so the Mrs is happy as well!!



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Nice choice looks good [emoji106]

Same First 3 performance mods I did, watch out though cos it's a slippery slope [emoji39]


Not gonna go mental, will not do anymore until next year probably!! Could do with new front tyres, still tread on them but they are cracking a little so looks like they are just old. Will get that done in the next few weeks...


Next thing I would like to do is get some better discs and pads installed, but like I said will probably be some point next year!!

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