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A list of all the vehicle's that met their end through the scrappage scheme.

Far to many good cars that should have been saved ! And a lot of very **** ones that deserved to die

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It was simply a blatant government subsidy to the international (manufacturers) and national (dealers) car industry. How I wish I could be so !Removed! at my business that the government would bail me out with £1,000 per customer..........the other grand was purportedly to be given by the dealer......Right! :rolleyes:


It should only have applied to vehicles manufactured inside the UK. Short term fix but long term very very costly.....it did wonders for the economy, trouble is its the German, Japanese and especially the Korean, economy and hardly ours. People were encouraged to buy new cars they could little afford. The service industry jobs in cars, repair, spares and servicing were hit quite badly. If everyone with a car 10 yrs or over took advantage of the scheme it would have cost  the taxpayer over £14 billion.
The car I drive today will be 10 years old next year and is as good if not exceedingly better than anything built in Korea!
Just my rant. :)
I suppose it got all those !Removed! old Escorts and Capris of the road though. :P
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